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How to scale up Document Review services cost-effectively and efficiently?

A global law firm needed to source a Document Review (DR) team quickly to meet various court- imposed deadlines for a significant eDiscovery project involving approximately 60,000 documents with 10 tag issues and several sub-issues. The client did not have sufficient resources to handle the review internally and wanted to reduce the cost of the DR aspect for its client.

Our solution

Working closely with the client to understand the details of the project and the pressure points, we understood speed of response, scalability, quality control and expertise were all critical. Within two weeks, we delivered a team of 10 qualified lawyers, a project director, a project manager and 3 quality controllers. The team successfully reviewed more than 60,000 documents and the client requested an additional review of the opponent’s documents. The entire project was completed within two months, a final handover occurred well within court deadlines and our client was delighted with the team’s responsiveness, standard of service, cultural alignment and team integration.

Value to the client

The quality of work was held in high regard and savings in excess of 50% were passed from our client directly to their client, resulting in a high customer satisfaction rating and opportunities for growth. Productivity also rose, enabling our client to meet critical deadlines cost-effectively and efficiently.

“We had to work against extremely tight timeframes following a court order. The team had to conduct a complex review with multiple issues and did so in very good time. The quality was excellent, your responsiveness and attention to detail stood out.” Top 20 Australian law firm


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How to deliver cost-savings and increase productivity within Compliance?

A London-based UK 200 law firm wished to improve the delivery of business-critical Compliance services whilst simultaneously increasing the cost-efficiency of the support function. With improvement of service at the heart of their operation and city office-space at a premium, it was vital to maximise both the quality and efficiency of the Compliance service.

Our solution

When compared to the UK, the cost of employing high quality staff in Cape Town was approximately 50% less. Productivity increased 6-fold and a culture of independent vetting was implemented. Our ability to deliver the service and manage the set-up smoothly provided critical support during a period of change. Without having to source staff, find desk-space or pay a premium for local resources, our client gained a cost-effective, high quality and reliable compliance service. The value of the service is measured regularly against mutually agreed quality service levels and to a high % utilisation to ensure consistency and client satisfaction. London-based client management ensures that concerns and queries are quickly addressed and service evolves in line with the client’s needs.

Value to the client

Working to a brief from the client’s HR, IT and Secretarial Managers, we recruited and trained one full-time Compliance resource and two cover-support to manage the registration process for new clients. Responsibilities included checks relating to Credit-Safe, Anti-Money Laundering and client background as well as direct communication with fee-earners and Head of Compliance. The team received UK and web-based system training on all client specific systems and procedures and was given access codes so that they could work remotely from our offices within the client’s secure IT environment. Cultural alignment underpinned our approach and our London team acted as a single-point-of-contact to ensure that implementation was smooth and delivered to agreed timelines.

“Global BPO worked closely with us to understand our business and they now form an integral element of our support arrangements for fee earners ” Top 200 UK law firm


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Our client, who had previously enjoyed consistent and significant growth, began to experience a decrease in referrer panel positioning and a subsequent loss in market share. Analysis revealed inefficiencies within the end-to-end process and it was agreed that the length of time from date of Instruction to Exchange needed to be significantly reduced.

Our solution

Global BPO worked closely with the client to understand their pressure points and requirements, before establishing a phased test case. As proof of concept, a training programme was implemented and dedicated resources were put in place to deal with automated instructions; client contact and information gathering. Fee earners were able to begin client interaction sooner, S.L.A. response times were improved and the number of Instructions increased. Having proved the concept, Global BPO worked with the client to build a small team in South Africa of 4 consisting of 3 fee earners and 1 assistant, working in a dedicated environment in Cape Town as an extension of the client’s UK offices. A UK solicitor worked with the team in Cape Town for a 2-month period, providing training on the UK conveyancing processes and transferring knowledge and cultural awareness. The South African team used the client’s conveyancing software and internal communication tools such as Chat and Desktop VOIP phones with internal extensions. The conveyancing assistant focused on time-consuming administrative tasks such as liaising with clients on the phone, whilst the fee earners dealt with the conveyancing process. Currently, the team deals with the end-to-end conveyancing process relating to freehold transactions. The intention is to move onto leasehold transactions in due course.

Value to the client

Profitability and Market Share have increased and the client has benefitted from a faster turnaround time; higher client satisfaction ratings; growth in the number of instructions; significant savings in cost of salary and office space and best use of fee-earners’ time.


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