The exponential increase in digital communication has resulted in document review becoming increasingly onerous, time-consuming and costly. As a consequence, firms need an alternative approach to litigation disclosure.

Global BPO’s document review services are managed by UK qualified solicitors and enable clients to scale up resources whilst significantly reducing costs and time spent on non-core processes.

Global BPO empowers its clients to streamline their eDisclosure document review process by using our vetted expert teams of paralegals, legal executives and qualified lawyers, who work on our client’s preferred digital platform from Global BPO’s managed and ISO/IEC 27001 certified offices in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sourced and managed by Global BPO on our clients’ behalf, our teams deliver scalable and flexible document review support. With extensive experience in all aspects of the process, Global BPO works closely with its clients to ensure that the right team is in place as and when required and that critical deadlines are met.

Global BPO is software-independent and works with all proprietary and non-proprietary platforms such as Everlaw, Relativity, Symantec ediscovery, Exterro fusion ediscovery, Ringtail/Nuix, Recommind, Axcelerate, Kroll Ontrack, HP Autonomy, Logikcull, Discovery Attender and multiple others.

Partnering with leading-edge technology providers enables us to offer a bespoke service including:

  • Cross-industry support for small and large cases of varying complexity
  • Complex global data extractions across a range of digital devices
  • Data searches, processing and management, supported by specialist project managers
  • Online document reviews carried out by expert case teams
  • Scrutiny and cross-review of opposing parties’ disclosed documents

If requested, Global BPO can also make recommendations for best-fit software solutions.

Benefits to our clients include flexibility, scalability, consistency of service, enhanced productivity and significant cost savings.   Daily updates ensure that clients’ requirements are met at each stage of the project and handover occurs well within court deadlines.

Bespoke Cross-Sector Solutions

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