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Global BPO provides flexible and scalable legal services to law firms and other businesses. Confidentiality, quality and long-term relationships underpin all that we do.

DSARs are personal data requests from any individual (known as a data subject). Since the GDPR rules were introduced in May 2018, there has been a significant increase in the number of DSARs received by UK businesses.

The document review process is time-consuming, costly and onerous and as a consequence, law firms and in-house legal teams are increasingly partnering with legal service providers such as Global BPO to deliver a cost-effective and efficient solution.

The exponential increase in digital communication has resulted in document review becoming increasingly onerous, time-consuming and costly. Global BPO’s document review services are managed by UK qualified solicitors and enable clients to scale up resources whilst significantly reducing costs and time spent on non-core processes.

Whilst a good bundle cannot win a bad case, a bad bundle can damage a good case. Bundle preparation is as much part of the presentation of a case as what is said in court but it is a time-consuming, process-orientated and costly process.

Our specialist legal teams work closely with law firms to provide document review support across all aspects of the M&A transaction.

Global BPO enables law firms and businesses to find new ways to scale up resources whilst reducing time spent on process-orientated workload.

With extensive experience in all aspects of the conveyancing process, we work closely with clients to map best-practice processes.

Legal research is a vital but time-consuming and costly business for law firms. Our specialist teams provide a broad range of legal research services including litigation, non-litigation, statutory, case law, foreign law, compliance, multi-jurisdictional surveys and legislation.

Within an increasingly complex and competitive market, effective precedent creation and management is vital. Best-in-class knowledge management systems ensure law firms can access quality resources efficiently and cost-effectively. They enable expertise to be preserved, standardised, located and shared amongst both lawyers and clients.

Internal investigations that seek to expose misconduct within an organisation are time-consuming, onerous and costly to manage. By working with our specialist document review teams, significant efficiencies and cost-savings can be gained.


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