Getting to know our clients is a key priority….  

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients and their in-house teams to provide truly bespoke solutions. Our approach is to invest in building relationships for the long-term, to support and enhance our clients’ goals and ensure quality of service and cultural fit. Taking the time to do this properly enables our clients […]

Don’t overlook support services!

They may have been branded differently over the years as back-office functions, operations, support services and office management but however you label them, they are a crucial pillar of any successful business. The poor relation? All too often, support services are treated like the poor relation – there’s often a lack of investment during boom […]

Checklist: are partnered services the answer for your law firm?

Times are currently challenging for many businesses as they grapple with multiple economic uncertainties.  The legal sector is navigating its way and at Global BPO, we are perfectly placed to assist law firms in finding solutions and helping them excel. We are experts in legal and business process solutions. Working together with our law firm […]

Our predictions for 2022

Although 2022 is, in many ways, one of the most difficult years to predict across all sectors, we do anticipate a number of trends over the coming year. Here are just a few which we expect to see within the legal sector: The legal market will stay buoyant In general, the legal sector remains strong […]

Ready for 2022? Can you support the growth you are hoping for this year?

With much speculation about the outlook for 2022, economies around the globe continue to recover from the pandemic. As businesses have faced a plethora of challenges since 2020 including the recent surge in inflation and interest-rate rise, the focus is very much on how to respond and grow in the post-pandemic world. Law firms are […]

Meet our Client Manager, Suzie Young…

Suzie has been Client Manager at Global BPO since 2017 and has a detailed understanding of our clients, their needs, challenges and ambitions.  We asked Suzie to share some thoughts on her role, what she has seen in the marketplace during this unprecedented year and where she sees things going in the future. What does […]

How climate change is fuelling litigation

How climate change is fuelling litigation After several weeks of grabbing the headlines, the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow ended earlier this month amidst a mixed reception, with a range of measures and commitments to tackle climate change.  Environmental responsibility is now firmly on the agenda across every sector with organisations looking to articulate a […]

e-Discovery Australia

Partnered eDisclosure: quality litigation support for law firms when they need it most! Disclosure is usually the most time-consuming and expensive stage of litigation. The exponential increase in all forms of electronic communication has changed the legal landscape. It is often necessary for lawyers to identify, collect, analyse, review and produce a huge volume of […]