Global BPO provides a broad range of tailored business services to law firms and other organisations. As our clients’ needs evolve, we adapt and innovate.

  • Risk and Compliance
  • Document Production
  • Document Checking
  • HR Services
  • Accountancy and Credit Control
  • Business Development
  • PA / Secretarial
  • Creative Services
  • First and second line IT support
  • Excel Reporting

Having provided services to the legal, medical, accounting and real-estate sectors for over 10 years, we have built-up a broad range of specialised services, often specifically developed for our clients on a bespoke basis.

Special project examples include

  • Business market research services
  • Client satisfaction reviews
  • Executive summary authoring
  • Customer surveys
  • Updates to client extranet
  • Client acceptance checks according to internal policy
  • Financial department support e.g. accounts payable and receivable

Document Production

Keeping a fully-resourced document production team in-house is an expensive exercise. By outsourcing all or part of this activity clients enjoy many benefits.


  • Free-up valuable office space
  • Release a substantial amount of management resource
  • The allocated team is experienced, disciplined specialists, working at a much lower cost than UK-based teams
  • Secure IT controls (we are ISO 27001 accredited) are combined with well-established training and shadowing processes
  • Stringent service level agreements and internal quality controls mean a high quality end result at a lower cost.


With our highly-secure and flexible IT integration environment, our dedicated Resources can collect dictation or scanned copy-typing from your Professionals as easily and securely as a ‘local’ secretary.


  • Full-time resource made available to establish a rapport – in house styles can be established and adopted.
  • Our resources work longer working hours than their UK equivalents and are closely supervised and monitored by our team leaders.
  • In-house staff can focus on higher value and even chargeable work while our resources work alongside them returning transcribed documents within agreed timeframes and of an agreed quality.

HR Support services


  • Transactional HR support
  • Compliance
  • Policies and procedures
  • Recruitment


Bespoke Cross-Sector Solutions

Something else in mind? We create niche business and legal services from scratch.