A New Year’s resolution for law firms?

Get on top of cash flow with a stronger finance team  Your law firm might have won the work and done the work but that is not the end of the story by any means. In fact, finishing the job might actually be the hardest part of the process.   Billing clients for work and ensuring […]

A Christmas message from Global BPO

We were delighted to welcome our Managing Director, Jan Scholtz ,to London this month, on one of his regular visits from South Africa to check-in with clients and staff in the UK.   We all love to see our clients face-to-face throughout the year and since living through the restrictions of the pandemic, we particularly appreciate […]

What’s your growth agenda? Global BPO can support your business as it expands

There have certainly been some challenging times in recent years but the legal sector continues to see healthy growth and many of our law firm clients are building their businesses year on year. In fact, we know that many law firms would like to expand even more but are currently hampered by recruitment difficulties and […]

Why risk and compliance issues matter more than ever for law firms

Businesses are dealing with risks all around them, all of the time. As the world gets more complicated, so do the risks we encounter – from reputational risks threatening a company’s standing to complex technology risks such as the hacking of data held online. Mitigation is possible We are in what currently feels like uncertain […]

The importance of getting eDiscovery right when there is so much at stake

The Horizon scandal No one who has read the stories of the former sub-postmasters who were falsely imprisoned as a result of the Horizon system faults can fail to feel immense sympathy for those involved. It’s been described as “the most widespread miscarriage of justice in UK history”. The Horizon scandal resulted in more than […]

How Global BPO could help you reduce costs and keep more of your hard-won revenue

Profit is a simple concept to understand –the amount of revenue received by a business in excess of its total costs/expenses. For law firms, an important measure of their profitability is the profit per equity partner, otherwise known as PEP. Magic Circle results The UK’s largest law firms have been announcing their financial results for […]

The law firm profit puzzle: why outsourcing document review work could be your solution

Last month saw many of the UK’s largest law firms reporting their financial results for 2022/23. Whilst the Magic Circle firms, Freshfields, Linklaters, Allen & Overy and Clifford Chance all reported increased revenue, this masked a trend which saw profits remain flat (or slightly down). Profit per equity partner (PEP) was down by 5% at […]

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