Is being a law firm partner not quite as you imagined? Let Global BPO take the strain.

Is being a law firm partner not quite as you imagined? Let Global BPO take the strain.

Making partner in a law firm is no mean feat –  it takes hard work, determination, skill and courage. The recognition of excellence, status and financial rewards it brings makes partnership a prize worth fighting for and it is rightly regarded as a career pinnacle.


However, many ambitious lawyers find that once they gain access to the coveted “partners’ club”, all is not how they imagined it.


Not what you imagined?


With partnership comes all sorts of new responsibilities and obligations which can be a huge distraction from the business of practising law and interaction with clients – the very reason most lawyers entered the profession in the first place.


It’s no exaggeration to say that the job of being a partner can often be unrecognisable as a job in the legal profession!


People management issues are a distraction


The burdens of administration that you pick up as a partner take huge amounts of time and remove you from the day-to-day practise of law. It is not only dealing with regulation and compliance duties but often just managing staff (who you are now responsible for) which takes up a considerable amount of time.


Overseeing recruitment and onboarding and managing day-to-day personnel issues and requirements for legal and non-legal staff can cause many a headache for partners, who also have a myriad of other responsibilities such as business development, PR and keeping existing clients happy!


Particularly for managing partners, navigating through internal politics and dealing with strong personalities and divergent views within a law firm can be wearing.

How can we help?


We often hear our clients say that spending time dealing with people management issues is not why they went into law – the more senior they become, the more removed they feel from their initial vocation. We understand and that’s exactly how we can help!  


Global BPO can take care of your people management by recruiting and managing the staff your law firm needs to support its legal business.


From PAs to paralegals, document production to document review, our dedicated individuals and teams are experienced in working seamlessly for each of our clients.


Let Global BPO take more of the strain of people management issues, freeing up partners in your law firm to focus on the things which they want to do.


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To find out more, contact our Client Manager, Suzie Young, at: for a no obligation chat about how we might be able to help your law firm.


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