It’s time to spring into action if you want to grow your law firm

It’s time to spring into action if you want to grow your law firm

All businesses want to grow, secure a greater market share, increase revenue and ultimately make more profit but a bigger business needs to be built on solid foundations.

Law firms are ‘know-how’ businesses so employing more lawyers is often seen as the way to achieve growth but increasing fee earner headcount is not enough – it’s a short-term fix which, by itself, can’t deliver sustainable growth.

For real growth you need to have the right internal infrastructure in place too. Often, businesses expand without doing the groundwork to enable the growing business to flourish.

To grow for the future, you need to think long-term – it’s not just about recruiting the right people or winning more clients, it’s planning how you will service the needs of both those groups. 

Without investment in support functions, it’s difficult for lawyers to work as productively as possible and contribute effectively to business growth.

Business services are key

If a hospital only employed surgeons, it would soon grind to a halt – surgeons have a highly skilled role but require support from numerous others to treat patients effectively – anaesthetists, theatre nurses, technicians, administrators and many others. In the same way, lawyers need support from others within a law firm to do their jobs successfully.

How can Global BPO help?

We provide a range of business services to help support your lawyers. From document production such as bundle preparation and PA/secretarial services to document checking and document review  (eDiscovery, due diligence and DSARs) through to finance and regulatory/compliance support.

We can provide personnel to work seamlessly alongside your existing teams to meet a surge in demand or short notice requirement or, set up a freestanding team from scratch.

We’re highly flexible and pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke service to our clients, whatever their needs.

Without the numerous costs of a direct hire, partnering with us to deliver business support is great value – which also helps when it comes to growing profits!

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