How to choose your outsourcing partner

How to choose your outsourcing partner

The year ahead looks set to bring challenges for many businesses. With the cost of everything from utilities to wages still rising, firms will be looking to see how they can protect their revenue and grow their profits. 


If your organisation is considering outsourcing some roles or services, we know this is a big step. Picking a partner to work with (and expose your hard-won clients to) is not something which should be done without a significant amount of thought, due diligence and planning. 


We are proud to work in partnership with many law firms and other businesses providing support when and where it’s needed. In our experience, here are some of the key questions to ask before choosing an outsourcing partner. 


  • Does the provider have a proven track record working with others? Can they provide references and recommendations?


  • Can you trust this provider to be professional and protect and enhance your reputation with your clients?


  • Can they provide resources with the skill sets you need and will they work autonomously?


  • How flexible are the services they are offering? How easy will it be to scale up or down as your needs change – what are the costs and penalties (if any) of doing so?


  • It is often necessary to react quickly to events in the law – for example, to comply with a court order. How agile are the services going to be? How quickly can your provider respond to your changing needs, what are their notice requirements?


  • How sensitive is the provider to your culture? Are they the right fit for you, do they understand your values and will they meet your standards?


  • Will the provider integrate quality assurance? What does ‘excellent’ look like, how will you benchmark output, which KPIs will you use?


  • How competitively priced are they? This is not the same thing as asking if they are the cheapest! Do they provide good value?


  • What assurance can they give regarding regulation and compliance issues such as data protection, confidentiality, IT security, modern slavery and ESG matters? Depending on the type of work you need support with, there may be other accreditations and assurances that you will need. 


  • Is the offering a truly bespoke service tailored to your needs or a standard service with little room for manoeuvre? 


How can we help you? 

Talk to us to about how we could help your business find the cost-effective resources it needs to thrive and grow. For more information contact our Client Manager, Suzie Young, at:  


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