Large-scale litigation: Let us help you avoid bundle bedlam! 

In the intensive coverage of Prince Harry’s recent phone hacking litigation in the High Court, there was one small detail which wouldn’t have meant much to the general public but which stood out to the lawyers among us!  

Prince Harry faced long and detailed questioning from MGN’s lawyer, Andrew Green, who probed him on the specifics of his claims and from time to time left him scrambling to recall sections of his written statement or find pieces of evidence. 

At one point during his cross examination, Prince Harry joked that he was being put through a “workout” by having to reach repeatedly for bundles of evidence, stacked in folders beside him. It was clear that there were a very large number of documents here! 

Large-scale litigation creates a paper mountain 

The complexity of this litigation, (there are various other claimants still giving evidence,) means the court documentation which has been produced is likely to be enormous, Prince Harry’s bundles alone were clearly very significant. This is not a rare type of case however, indeed large-scale litigation is becoming more common, so the challenges this creates are being experienced by more law firms. 

Accurate document production and preparation are vital  

No solicitor wants to have to explain to a Judge during witness examination why a crucial piece of evidence isn’t where it should be in a bundle or, why it is illegible, so getting document production and bundle preparation right is absolutely crucial. Ultimately, getting it wrong could mean not just embarrassment but a waste of court time. 

Let us take the strain (and save you money) 

At Global BPO we are experts in legal and business shared services and court documentation is one of our areas of expertise. Our high-quality service is also extremely cost effective for our clients when compared to completing the work in-house. So, talk to us about how we can take the pressure off your workload when preparing a case for court.  

How can we help you? 

We provide bespoke legal and business process services for law firms and other businesses. For more information and to find out how we could assist you, contact our Client Manager, Suzie Young, at: 


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