The nation prepares to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III: a blueprint for leadership

The world will be watching the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey on 6th May 2023.  It’s seventy years since the last coronation, so this once in a lifetime event is very special indeed.  

Head of “The Firm” 

On ascending the throne upon the death of his mother, King Charles became sovereign and Head of State and he also became head of the Royal Family – often affectionately known as, “The Firm.” So, you might say that King Charles has also become a CEO with responsibility for leadership! 

It’s been widely reported that King Charles wants to modernise and slim down the monarchy and his views and values when it comes to matters such as the environment are also well known. It will be interesting to see how he implements these goals and values during his reign.  

Effective leadership 

This got us thinking about our leadership here at Global BPO and how fortunate we are to have an effective and streamlined structure which enables our corporate culture to thrive.   Our Managing Director and Head of People and Culture, who are based in South Africa, work closely with our  Director and Client Manager in London and all our clients, based in the UK, USA and Australia. 

Our numerous, specialist teams are overseen by Team Leaders who manage day-to-day operations and have an eye for detail, so any potential issues are nipped in the bud. They link into our management team as required to ensure smooth and effective communication between us and our clients. This allows us to recognise potential “pressure points” early on and take steps to future- proof our services as our clients’ needs evolve. 

We aim to give all our clients a service fit for a King and as we work to deliver that, we will be raising a glass to King Charles III and wishing him a long and glorious reign!  

How can we help you? 

We help our clients to become more agile, more efficient and more profitable.  Our range of bespoke legal and business process services has evolved since we first began supporting our clients in 2001. For more information and to find out how we can assist you, contact our Client Manager, Suzie Young, at: 


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