New Ways of working – Time to “take stock”

With the new year underway, many companies are “taking stock” and assessing where their business is now and where they want it to go over the coming months.   

A challenging year ahead 

It seems likely that the economy will continue to present challenges in 2023. Inflation and labour shortages don’t look like they are going away anytime soon. So, it’s even more important to look for efficiencies and ensure you get the best value wherever possible. Businesses can’t grow without enough of the right staff, and the recruitment market looks set to remain tight in the coming months. Holding on to employees you already have and finding additional staff when you need them will be imperative.  

Finding out where you are    

Of course, businesses grow, and companies evolve, but sometimes internal processes and procedures don’t keep up with the pace of change. It’s not always easy to recognise this from the inside. At Global BPO, we offer a fresh perspective to our clients. We look at their businesses, analyse their business processes and suggest ways to improve and streamline them. 

The problems 

We often find that process-driven work is not delivered cost-effectively in-house. Or that companies don’t have enough (or the right) resources to keep up with their business growth. We know that many organisations are really struggling to find the right candidate in a tight UK labour market. 

The solution  

By delegating appropriate functions to us at Global BPO, these can be carried out more efficiently. We make use of the latest technology and our highly skilled South African workforce to deliver process support – be that legal such as eDisclosure and data subject access requests; HR, such as providing administrative support; or compliance and regulatory such as file opening and ID checks. We are experienced in supporting a wide range of clients in a range of sectors and across many areas to implement change, grow their capabilities and solve their people challenges.   

Now could be the perfect time to explore the options for doing things differently this year. 

Talk to us 

For more information and to find out how we could assist you, contact our Client Manager, Suzie Young, at: We are always happy to chat on a confidential basis and with no obligation.


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