Happy New Year! What can we learn from 2022?

As we embrace the start of a new year, we’re reflecting on the ups and downs of the last 12 months and considering what we’ve learnt and what we can take forward into 2023.

In many ways, last year was difficult for lots of people and businesses with a worsening economy in countries around the globe, not just in the UK. Here, we also had a turbulent political environment and, of course, the end of the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II, which added to the feeling that we were living through a time of significant uncertainty.

A new normal?

For many, last year marked something of a return to normality after Covid but of course, not everything has gone back to how it was before. The workplace culture in the UK has been indelibly changed by the experience of lockdown, for example, hybrid working is now the new norm for the majority of employees and employers.

We helped many clients during the pandemic when their own workforce was reduced or furloughed and we have continued our relationships with our clients, helping them scale up and down through the peaks and troughs of demand that last year brought.

A tough recruitment market

Whilst demand in the legal sector remained high, 2022 certainly saw law firms grappling with a difficult recruitment market. This has led some to move away from direct hiring and to try outsourcing for the first time – we were delighted to work with various new clients last year and we look forward to a continuing relationship with them this year.

Throughout a year of change, we consistently delivered high-quality, great value support to our clients. Our range of services is broad and tailored according to individual need and we work closely with each client to establish exactly what’s required from the outset.

From document review, such as eDisclosure, to file opening and document production, our highly skilled teams based in South Africa have risen to every challenge and demonstrated their “can do” attitude at each opportunity!

Looking forward to a new year

At Global BPO, we’re optimistic about the prospects for the coming year in spite of the economic cycle and the challenges that lie ahead. We believe the legal sector will continue to flourish and that firms will carry on looking for innovative ways to increase efficiency. We’re confident that the services we provide at Global BPO will remain a very attractive solution for new and existing clients.

We wish all our clients and readers a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


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