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These are turbulent times for the global economy and concern about the property market in the UK, amidst rising interest rates, is contributing to an uncertain outlook.

Heavy workloads

However, the recent cut in stamp duty and lack of supply in the housing market continue to drive demand, with the result that law firms are still facing significant conveyancing workloads.

Work in commercial and residential property departments is highly process-driven and requires a great deal of administrative support. These administrative tasks are business critical, requiring accuracy and speed. Badly managed, inefficient processes can have a real impact on margins, destroying competitive edge and affecting the overall success of the business.

Recruitment challenges

Many firms are also facing recruitment challenges and skills shortages at a time when they need more staff. Those who want to grow are concerned that it is easier said than done to find additional resource – often there aren’t enough suitable candidates, or the costs are prohibitive.


The resulting heavy workloads put pressure on existing staff; damage morale and increase the risk of mistakes being made.

Time is of the essence when it comes to transferring ownership of land and property. There is no breathing space for these business-critical tasks, so pressure points are created which can lead to employee “burnout” and reduced productivity.

Loss of business

Delays to transactions alienate clients, which over time has a negative impact on reputation, affecting repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations. Sometime teams just can’t keep up with demand and lose valuable business to competitors.

How can Global BPO help?

Since 2001 we’ve been providing bespoke solutions to our law firm clients. When it comes to supporting property departments, we can source and manage teams of skilled conveyancing administrators, paralegals and lawyers. This removes the burden of recruitment, onboarding and day-to-day management – we deal with it all.  

We are experts in making sure there is seamless and secure integration between our offshore teams based in South Africa and our client’s onshore workforce.

The flexibility and agility of our services mean we can scale support up (and down) quickly to help you take on new business and deliver your growth objectives, or just fill temporary gaps in your coverage.

Our model is highly cost-effective too, increasing productivity and delivering savings to our clients.

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