More firms are turning to South Africa for shared services

Given our strong links to South Africa here at Global BPO, we were delighted to see that a recent survey* for the business process outsourcing industry had identified South Africa as the most favoured location for offshore delivery.

According to the poll, Cape Town and the Western Cape are the most sought-after areas for offshore delivery within South Africa.

We’ve been here since 2001

We have long been aware of the huge benefits of doing business in South Africa – most of our workforce is based at our wonderful waterside facility in Cape Town. Using technology to ensure a seamless connection between our South African teams and our clients worldwide, we need only maintain a small management team in London. Not only does this enable us to deliver a high-quality service to our clients, it enables us to deliver significant savings for them as well.

The sector expects significant growth

It’s exciting to see how the outsourcing industry is thriving in Cape Town and beyond, providing great opportunities for global partnership and collaboration. According to estimates, over 4,000 new call centre jobs were created in the region between January and September alone this year, as the sector attracted new clients – primarily from the USA and UK. New office space is being added all the time and it’s expected the sector will carry on growing, as more and more businesses from around the world recognise the benefits.

What’s the secret of South Africa’s success?

There are many reasons why firms are increasingly turning to South Africa, such as:

· highly competitive rates

· native English speakers

· multi-lingual support

· an aligned time zone that only varies by one or two hours

· responsiveness and work ethic of the workforce

· education and skill levels of the workforce

It’s also clear that the government is extremely supportive of the industry. The outsourcing sector in South Africa has been identified as a priority for employment creation and there is committed investment in the skills development of its population, especially young people.

At a time when there are significant recruitment challenges in the UK, many organisations are finding it extremely difficult to fill the roles they need. In addition, as the economy in the UK takes a turn for the worse, employment costs are rising. Is it any wonder that South Africa is now recognised as an extremely attractive option for clients looking to utilise shared services?

How can Global BPO help you?

We are headquartered in London and provide a wide range of bespoke legal and business process services to law firms and other businesses.  We’re different from other outsourcing firms too: we deliver a highly personalised service and focus on long-term relationships.  Take a look at what we do here. Even if you have never thought about outsourcing business functions before, now could be the right time.

For more information and to find out how we could assist you, contact our Client Manager, Suzie Young, at: We are always happy to chat on a confidential basis and with no obligation.

*according to the annual Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey.


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