Is it time to challenge your perception of outsourcing?

At Global BPO, we’ve been providing shared services to law firms and other professionals for over 20 years. As you’d expect, we’re passionate advocates for this way of doing things, the benefits are numerous and it’s a really effective way of addressing all sorts of pressure points.  By working in close partnership with our clients, we focus on delivering what really matters.  There’s often a considerable amount of scepticism to start with but as our service beds-in, people’s perception of outsourcing changes.

A recent example

We recently worked with a UK top 200 law firm to provide document production and file administration services, such as file opening, conflict checks, know your client and anti-money laundering checks. These were all provided by dedicated teams in our Cape Town office, working seamlessly with the client’s on-shore departments.  We were delighted to receive the following feedback which echoes the sentiment of many firms with whom we work:

“You’ve changed the perception of outsourcing across the firm. Before people were sceptical and didn’t think it would work, now they couldn’t speak more highly of you”. 

Realising the benefits 

Many organisations understand the benefits of outsourcing, but they worry about a drop in quality, a lack of control and poor communication.  At Global BPO, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the service they’re looking for from day one.  

We provide teams of specialists to work alongside on-shore teams, enabling our clients to focus on their core responsibilities whilst we take care of the tasks which they wish to delegate.  We’re all about speed, quality and consistency of service and if something isn’t quite as it should be, we’ll fix it quickly.   We place as much importance on communication as we do on the services themselves and we remain in close contact with all our clients to ensure client satisfaction is the highest it can be.

Seamless Integration

The pandemic expedited the uptake of technology and remote working with the result that many more firms are now able to visualise how outsourcing can work for them.   Our teams are based in our managed ISO 27001-certified environment in Cape Town and work within each client’s secure IT environment, utilising the same systems, IT security protocols and data protection measures.   Our IT department works closely with the client’s IT department to deliver seamless integration, resiliency and business continuity.

The benefits at-a-glance

Through working with us, our clients gain access to a larger talent pool of experienced specialists at a time when recruitment in the UK is costly and time-consuming; departments benefit from faster turnaround times and higher quality of service and businesses realise savings in the region of 40% – 60% 

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider outsourcing and explore the possibilities for your business?

For more information and to find out how we could assist you, contact our Client Manager, Suzie Young, at: We’re always happy to chat on a confidential basis and with no obligation.



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