Getting to know our clients is a key priority….  

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients and their in-house teams to provide truly bespoke solutions. Our approach is to invest in building relationships for the long-term, to support and enhance our clients’ goals and ensure quality of service and cultural fit. Taking the time to do this properly enables our clients to gain the most from our service.


Partnered services for the legal sector


Global BPO provides a range of legal and business process services to its clients –everything from P.A support, risk and compliance management, document production, document review e-Discovery, due diligence, data subject access requests, internal investigations and legal precedent and knowledge management. 


Our delivery of these services is extremely flexible and scalable to meet the evolving needs of our clients, whilst at the same time delivering considerable cost savings. 


Dedicated client management


Communication with our clients is key and this starts with truly getting to know a client. Our Client Manager, Suzie Young, is always pleased to meet clients at their offices to explore their needs in greater depth and make sure the services we are providing meet those needs most effectively. 


We asked Suzie a few questions about this approach: 


Global BPO invests a lot of time getting to know clients – what’s the thinking behind this?


Meeting clients in their environment enables us to understand the needs of the business in far greater detail. We can also build relationships right across a firm by speaking to lawyers, heads of departments, paralegals, and support staff.  


What do you do when you visit a client? 


Usually, I visit in person and the team joins in via our client’s preferred VC software such as Teams or Zoom. 


To start with, we hold introductory presentations, which last around 10 – 15 minutes. We
understand how busy everyone is, so we deliberately keep these short and focused. If individuals have specific requirements which they wish to run through, we also hold one-on-one meetings.  


I always stress the need for continuous feedback too, which is invaluable both in the short and longer-term to ensure our services are not just working well but are also aligned with clients’ longer-term strategic goals.


Are there any other regular touchpoints?


Yes, we have multiple touchpoints that take place throughout the year including our Managing Director, Jan Scholtz, our Head of People and Culture, Karlien Scholtz, our
Document Services Manager, Brendalynne Arnott, our Head of Legal Projects, John
Truter and our Head of IT, Kenneth Lehmkuhl, also engage directly. 


What sort of information are you looking for? 


My number one question usually centres around the client’s pressure points. I also like to
understand if they have used other service providers before and if so, what worked well and what didn’t.


At an individual departmental level, we ask about specific things such as where they most need support, summaries of work, processes, and preferred ways of engagement and communication.


How does this approach benefit the client?


We quickly see where the pressure points lie and how we can best assist. It means that the service we provide is truly bespoke. By building relationships from the very beginning and getting to know how a firm operates, we can deliver high quality and responsive services. 


How long does it take?


This depends entirely upon the client and there’s usually a range; I’ve had quick catch-ups
with individuals lasting just a few minutes, presentations which last around 15 minutes and far longer individual meetings.


How regularly do you like to visit a client? 


In the very early stages, we sometimes visit several times in a fortnight to meet all the relevant departments. Thereafter, we usually hold weekly or fortnightly calls, a monthly in-person catch-up and a quarterly review, frequency is always tailored according to the wishes of our clients. 


Are clients ever reluctant to engage with you?


Sometimes departments say that they’re too busy to meet but we tend to find that once
we’re there, lots of people call in to speak to us.


We always stress that we can keep the presentations as short as they would like, and we plan carefully in advance to ensure we only cover the things which matter to the client.  


What would you say to a client who wasn’t sure they needed such a visit? 


The better we understand their business – their pressure points, their culture, their structure, their immediate and longer-term requirements – the more tailored and effective a service we can offer. A face-to-face visit is an effective way of doing this. Ultimately, a little time invested at the start can result in many benefits further down the line.  


Once you start delving beneath the surface you find that most teams have a set of quite
specific wishes. It’s as important to us to understand at the outset what teams don’t like as well as what they’re looking for.  


Lawyers usually have quite specific questions about how the services we provide will help them, so we make sure we have the right people in the room who can answer those queries.  


What can clients do to get the most out of your visit?

Put aside just a few minutes to share with us how the service could be of most value to you and keep us posted on any requests and feedback!  



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