Ready for 2022? Can you support the growth you are hoping for this year?

With much speculation about the outlook for 2022, economies around the globe continue to recover from the pandemic. As businesses have faced a plethora of challenges since 2020 including the recent surge in inflation and interest-rate rise, the focus is very much on how to respond and grow in the post-pandemic world.

Law firms are doing well

In the legal sector we are seeing a great deal of expansion. There are well reported challenges around recruitment and securing specialist legal talent, but this is not preventing significant growth.

When firms recruit more lawyers, they do so in the hope of increasing their revenue streams. However, often the administrative support for those new lawyers is inadvertently overlooked; secretarial services, document production, document checking, bundle preparation etc. are all vital to a lawyer’s work but often a bit of an afterthought in any growth strategy.

Support services are often overlooked

Finding new lawyers who are the right fit for your firm isn’t easy at the moment so once you have them onboard, you need to look after them!

Without investment, existing support structures come under strain from new hires and lawyers can’t do their jobs efficiently; inadequate support services usually result in less productive lawyers who ultimately bill less.

Optimum profitability comes when work is carried out at the appropriate level – lawyers typing their own documents or doing administrative tasks is a waste of very valuable resources. In addition, frustrated, unhappy employees are less likely to stick around.

Get the help you need at the right time

Really good support services are responsive, seamless, and consistently of the highest quality and this is just what Global BPO can provide.

Many firms were forced to re-structure support services during the pandemic as staff were working at home. At Global BPO we help our clients scale their support services up and down quickly to meet changing demand – be that in response to increased headcount or increased workloads.

We carry out recruitment, training and management for support services, enabling our clients to be more agile in their response to fluctuating needs but also to achieve significant cost savings – a win-win!  Whichever support you need, we tailor our services for you.  

How can we help?

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