Meet our Client Manager, Suzie Young…

Suzie has been Client Manager at Global BPO since 2017 and has a detailed understanding of our clients, their needs, challenges and ambitions.  We asked Suzie to share some thoughts on her role, what she has seen in the marketplace during this unprecedented year and where she sees things going in the future.

  • What does your job involve?

As Client Manager I spend a lot of time with our existing clients, overseeing accounts, exploring opportunities, managing communications and making sure they get the best possible client experience.   I also follow up referrals (which often come from our existing clients) and I also get involved with managing third party relationships and marketing projects such as the new website.  

  • How have your clients been affected by the pandemic?

Overall, our clients have worked successfully throughout the pandemic and have seen an increase in demand for their services.  Many have also said that the pandemic accelerated changes which they’d been considering for years. 

  • Has the pandemic changed the way you do your own job?

Not really, the hybrid model has been part of my own working practice since 2000.   The fact that everyone now uses video conferencing has actually helped cement relations, with both clients and my colleagues in Cape Town. 

  • Which services have been most in demand from your clients this year?

We’ve received lots of interest in our document review services from firms working on large-scale eDiscovery projects and investigation matters.  Risk and Compliance Management services have also seen an upsurge in demand – spanning the whole spectrum from file opening to risk analysis.

  • Which new clients have you taken on this year?

The majority have been law firms but we’ve also acquired new clients in retail and the not-for-profit sector.  Some of our new business comes through third party software specialists who work in partnership with us to deliver a fully integrated service.

  • What are the common reasons firms come to Global BPO?

They tend to come to us with one or more pressure point, for example, they might be struggling to find resources; they might be looking to standardise and improve a support service; they might need to scale up and down quickly for a legal project and they usually want to deliver significant cost-savings.

  • Have you noticed any specific trends over this year?

We’ve seen a significant increase in demand from Property, Litigation and Private Client, mainly because of the pandemic – stemming from a whole range of situations such as house moves outside London, an increase in divorce and courts being busier than ever.

We’ve also seen an increase in demand for our court bundle preparation service – clients come to us often feeling the pressure, with very short timeframes to turn the bundle around. Conversely, there have been fewer Data Subject Access Requests, probably because employees have been away from the office so internal disputes are generally less prevalent.

  • How do you see things developing over the next 1-3 years for legal services?

As law firms continue to adjust how they deliver their services, I expect demand for flexible and scalable solutions to increase over the next few years.

There continues to be momentum for change with law firms looking at new ways to deliver legal services and drive growth.  On demand support and leading-edge technology will continue to play critical roles as firms looks to automate processes, streamline operations, and reduce cost.  

  • What’s your view on the relationship between client management and business development?

I think it’s difficult to develop a business to its full potential without dedicated client management.  At Global BPO, we retain the majority of our clients for many years and much of our growth comes from existing teams or from recommendations and referrals, so client management is critical to our success.

  • What’s the work-related achievement you are most proud of this year?

It’s great when something I’ve been working on for a long time comes to fruition such as our new website which launched in the Autumn.

  • What do you most enjoy about your job?

Global BPO is a rewarding place to be, my role is really varied, we’re a close-knit team and I enjoy the long-standing relationships with our clients and partners. 



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