What Are Shared Services?

De-Mystifying What We Do At Global BPO

This month has seen many workers in the UK returning to the workplace for the first time in a while.

At Global BPO we are also seeing an increase in demand for services, and we’re delighted to have recently welcomed several new clients to our document production and risk and compliance teams.

After initial conversations with prospective clients, we realised that what we do is still not always fully understood. We describe our business as providing “shared services” to valued clients but people often ask what does that really mean? Perhaps it is simpler to start with what we do not consider ourselves to be….

Just don’t use the “O” word

… by which we mean “outsourcing” or “off-shoring”. Neither of these words has the most positive of connotations. They imply taking roles away from existing employees, a loss of personal connection and understanding, a more impersonal approach and an associated reduction in quality.  Lack of engagement and the feeling of work being done in a silo with no cultural links to the client are common complaints from businesses which have outsourced services to a third party.

The shared services we provide in partnership with our clients could not be more different. The positive experience we deliver at Global BPO is far removed from traditional outsourcing or off-shoring.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our skilled personnel engage with our clients at every level so that they are highly integrated into existing structures, working as a much-needed extension to the in-house team. We achieve this by putting the right communication channels in place such as daily touch-points and weekly and monthly meetings.  Client relations are a core priority and we focus on maintaining long-term trusted partnerships through our dedicated client management.

Which services do we provide?

We partner with our clients to provide a range of bespoke legal and business process services, tailored to individual client needs including:

  • Document production and secretarial support
  • Document checking / legal proof-reading
  • Risk and compliance management solutions
  • Document review for eDiscovery and Due Diligence
  • Data subject access requests
  • Internal investigations document review
  • Knowledge and legal precedent management
  • Court bundle preparation
  • Research and analysis
  • Paralegal support

For those clients who have a specific pressure, we also create services from scratch.

Staff wanted?

As the UK continues to suffer from a shortage of workers brought about by a mix of Covid and other global factors, shared services are the perfect solution for many businesses. At Global BPO, we use highly skilled staff based in South Africa and we deal with all personnel-related matters including recruitment, IT, training and day-to-day management so you don’t have to.

 How can we help you?

We have a proven track record of delivering significant efficiencies and cost-savings. Working closely with our clients, we continually innovate and deliver bespoke, scalable and flexible solutions.

Talk to us today about how we can help you. For a confidential, no-obligation chat contact:info@globalbpo.co.uk


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