AI integration into most aspects of life is here to stay but the value of the highly skilled human team will endure for many years to come …

Whether we like it or not, “artificial intelligence” or AI is becoming increasingly common in many aspects of our lives.  Whilst some fear AI, others embrace it, believing both can evolve successfully together.  At Global BPO we recognise the value that technology delivers to our clients alongside our highly skilled human teams.

What is AI?

AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines (generally computers) as opposed to natural intelligence exhibited by humans and animals. Machines with AI are capable of performing tasks which would otherwise be performed by humans. 

AI applications include web search engines like Google, understanding human speech such as Alexa or Siri and self-driving cars.  The chances are that many decisions affecting how we live our lives will have been made by machines using AI; from first sift on job applications to who qualifies for a new credit card.

This is all fodder for sci-fi writers and others who immediately see the potential for AI to go wrong and, in the most dystopian scenario, for humans to lose control of the machines as they take on a mind and life of their own. Earlier this month even The Law Society Gazette asked, somewhat alarmingly, “What happens when the robots go rogue?” 

Should we be worried?

At Global BPO, we view technology as a non-negotiable part of business life, to be embraced, not feared. We are always looking to innovate and to make processes more efficient for our clients and AI has been a very useful tool, in that respect.

Many of the services we provide have benefited hugely from the use of AI: e-discovery, due diligence, contract review, as examples, cutting down significantly on the time and resources previously needed.

We also provide software testing services for firms looking to implement new software across their organisations.  AI is invaluable and an integral part of the process, allowing us to automate part of the testing framework so that we need fewer human testers.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is the end for human involvement – far from it!  If anything, AI has reinforced the need for highly skilled staff at critical points in the procedure; human input remains vital and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Can AI solve the UK’s labour shortage?

As the UK suffers an unprecedented shortage of labour across a variety of sectors, from lorry drivers to chefs it’s likely that highly skilled personnel will become even more sought after. At Global BPO we have an established bank of experienced legal and business process experts who deliver services to our clients. Whilst AI can’t magically increase the number of workers, it can free up those available to concentrate on the higher value, innovative jobs that create the environment for growth.

How can we help you?

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