Document Production: What Does The Future Look Like?

What is a law firm’s most important product?

What do law firms actually do? Yes, they give advice to clients and in doing so, help people to achieve their aims and dreams but, if you had to identify the product that law firms create it would have to be their documents: letters, agreements, court pleadings and many others. This showcase a firm’s know-how, expertise, skill and experience. A written document says everything about a firm, not just the content but also how it looks, the house style used and the attention to detail which results in a polished product.

The world is changing…

Documents are perhaps the most important advertisement for a law firm’s reputation, a document with your firm’s name is the visual clue that tells the recipient (and others) about your skill and excellence.

Getting document production right is therefore vital for the commercial success of any such business. This may explain why law firms have, in the past, largely kept document production services in-house, believing perhaps that this was too important to outsource but the Covid pandemic and lockdown have brought about a re-assessment of many of the old certainties of the workplace.  It’s clearly been demonstrated that technology and a more open mindset allow work to be performed to a high standard pretty much anywhere.

You only have to look at all the firms that have recently announced redundancies of support staff to understand that the legal market is in a state of flux. It feels as if we may be at a watershed moment as change is happening all around. In May, Linklaters announced that 20% of its London PAs had taken voluntary redundancy. Other large firms who have made secretaries and support staff redundant this year include Clifford Chance, Baker McKenzie, Dechert, Reed Smith and Clydes.

How can Global BPO help?

Global BPO has been partnering with its law firm clients for many years to provide document production services. Its tried and tested services include legal secretarial work such as:

  • transcription
  • copy and audio typing
  • creating PowerPoint slides and other presentations
  • formatting
  •  house styling

as well as other skilled document work which may currently be carried out in-house, including:

  • proof reading,
  • document checking
  • assistance with graphics and design.

Our services are bespoke, tailored according to individual needs. We deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings by deploying our high-calibre and highly trained teams of legal and business process specialists.  We pride ourselves on working in close partnership with our clients to ensure cultural alignment and maximum efficiency. Our flexible staffing model assists with managing workflow and helps firms with the peaks and troughs of time-critical work. On average, we expect our clients to save around 50% by using our document production service but it’s not just about cost-savings.  Many of our clients tell us they hadn’t realised that they would gain so much more, such as an increase in speed, consistency and quality of service.

Contact us today at for a confidential, no-obligation chat about how we can help you with your document production needs.


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