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Internal investigations into employee misconduct: our document review services can help you get to the bottom of things

Sometimes organisations have to turn detective and carry out investigations. Often this will involve some sort of suspected misconduct by an employee or ex-employee. The subject and scale of such investigations will vary, as will their gravity.

Recently the BBC attracted worldwide media coverage when Lord Dyson published his report into the circumstances of Martin Bashir’s 1995 interview with Diana, Princess of Wales. Following criticism in that report, the BBC conducted its own internal investigation into why Martin Bashir was re-hired in 2016. This involved reviewing documents and emails of many staff, going back several years.

Given the subject matter, the BBC’s investigation was clearly going to attract significant public scrutiny which most organisations will not experience when conducting an internal investigation. However, the stakes can be high when the subject matter is sensitive or the reputation of an organisation may be threatened by the findings. It is therefore vital to get the process right.

The BBC is just one extreme example of an employer needing to conduct its own investigation into an employee’s behaviour but it might also be necessary when an individual leaves employment and takes some of the employer’s proprietary information with them in order to gain a competitive edge. Other examples include situations such as an employee stealing client data (perhaps to sell illegally),  a tip off about bribery, corruption, fraud or other criminal activity or a complaint by a fellow employee or customer.

Normally these kinds of investigations have in common the need to review large amounts of data. As the world becomes ever more digitalised, the amount of data created continues to increase.   Often, a relatively small amount of the information reviewed will prove relevant to the matter under investigation but in the hunt for answers, it’s necessary to plough through all the detail.  Not only is this time consuming, it’s onerous and costly to manage.

How can we help you?

At Global BPO we have extensive experience in this area. We partner with leading technology providers to offer investigation support to clients across many sectors who are conducting their own investigations of any type, be they large or small and of varying complexity. From relatively simple and contained investigations into a single incident to complex global data extractions across a range of digital devices, we can help.

 We use expert teams of paralegals, legal executives and qualified lawyers who work on our client’s preferred digital platform within an ISO 27001-certified environment in Cape Town. Overseen by UK-based solicitors, this model can deliver significant cost savings for clients as our teams deliver scalable and flexible document review support.

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