Partnered eDisclosure: a lawyer’s perspective

At Global BPO we always aim to put ourselves in our client’s shoes to understand how our services can best support their business. With this in mind, we spoke to some lawyers about what they want from partnered eDisclosure and how using our document review teams has made a real difference to their work, when they most needed it.

Sarah, a litigation partner at a regional law firm:

There’s no doubt that disclosure is the most time-consuming and expensive stage of litigation. In recent years, the exponential increase in all forms of electronic communication – as many businesses have gone almost paperless – has entirely changed the landscape. eDisclosure is now crucial for litigation lawyers.

The disclosure stage of litigation is the time when managing a client’s expectations can be tricky. A client is unlikely to have fully appreciated the sheer extent of the requirement at the time they started down the road of litigation.

The corollary of this of course is the cost of such an intensive process. Understandably, all clients today are budget conscious and, once they start to understand the reality of how much the Court process is going to cost them, it can take all our skills of diplomacy to maintain a happy working relationship!

Partnering with Global BPO to carry out a Court directed eDisclosure process on a recent claim in which my firm acted for the respondent property company, allowed us to pass on savings to the client in the form of substantially reduced fees.

Even if we had had the necessary resources to carry out eDisclosure in-house, the costs would have been considerably higher due to our staffing costs and general overheads.

Our client was delighted that we had found a creative, technology-focused solution to save them money, it really made them feel like we were on their side and helped cement a strong working relationship – which will hopefully pay dividends for our firm in the guise of future instructions.”

Sandeep, a senior litigation associate at a boutique London firm:

In all honesty, my initial delight at being instructed by one of our biggest fintech clients to defend a commercial claim, turned to anxiety as the case progressed.

Case management directions were handed down by the Court and the timeframe for disclosure was pretty tight. This meant we needed to identify, collect, analyse, review and produce a huge volume of digital material in a short time-frame.

The broad definition of “document” covers all types of electronic information under the party’s control. This includes not just emails but voicemail, video files, social media and web sites etc.

This felt like a vast and onerous mountain to climb. I was worried that, as a specialist but small firm, we just didn’t have the number of staff or the correct technology to carry out the process to the high standard that the client and the Court were entitled to expect. 

But then I found Global BPO! They were able to put in place a bespoke eDisclosure service for us in an impressively short period, enabling us to scale up our resources to meet the litigation challenge. They advised on the appropriate platform for us and generally took lots of the stress out of the situation.

I was confident of the quality of their personnel – vetted teams of paralegals, legal executives and qualified lawyers who were great at communicating with my team at every step. Whilst I was still very much in charge of the conduct of the litigation, I felt hugely supported throughout.

The client was really pleased that this significant part of the litigation process was conducted so smoothly. As an added bonus, my partners were particularly happy that a firm of our size had “punched above its weight” in being able to conduct such a significant case – great PR material!


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