Document Review: Is It Time For A Re-think?

Change is in the air:

As the economy seeks to recover from the seismic shocks of the last 18 months, a return to exactly how things were before looks unlikely.

A recent report by management consultancy OMC Partners and law firm Ashurst suggested that in-house legal departments were likely to be working with increased workloads and reduced budgets in future, fuelling pressure to find cost savings both internally and externally. 

One obvious response for GCs would be to demand more productive solutions from their external law firms in order to drive down fees. Law firms who can work with clients to find creative ways of delivering without any drop in service levels, will cement their long-term client relationships.

Whilst an increase in remote working and a reduction in office space are already happening, 25% of participants in the report were also expecting to grow operations in lower cost locations and considering offshoring.

Delegating labour-intensive, less lucrative work to specialist partners, like Global BPO, is another option for organisations seeking significant cost-savings.

Document Review Services

Document review is an umbrella term for the legal analysis of documents which, although vital, may be delivered more efficiently in non-traditional ways, freeing up time for lawyers to focus on core, higher-value business.   Global BPO’s document review services include:

  • EDisclosure for litigation
  • Data subject access requests (“DSAR”): DSARs often involve vast amounts of data which need to be reviewed for relevance and can occupy a huge amount of resource if carried out in-house. Global BPO provides teams of lawyers and paralegals to carry out review and redaction services.
  • Due diligence: Global BPO supports mergers and acquisitions, providing due diligence review teams, due diligence reports and executive summaries.
  • Investigations: We can assist with all types of investigations during which large amounts of data need to be gathered, processed and reviewed; anything from disciplinary matters and grievances to internal fraud, bribery and corruption and regulatory investigations.

What are the benefits?

At Global BPO, our staff who are based in South Africa, integrate seamlessly and securely with our clients. Using leading-edge technology and trained on each client’s systems and processes, they function as an extension of in-house departments to provide services of the highest calibre. Benefits are extensive and include savings of between 40% and 60% as well as an increase in speed, consistency and standardisation of service.

Communication and collaboration underpin everything we do; we work in partnership with clients to understand their staffing challenges, financial pressure points, processes and technology in order to design bespoke solutions.

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As “Freedom Day” draws closer, many organisations will be considering how they approach their business going forward. Now could be the perfect time to do things differently. At Global BPO we are always happy to talk confidentially to see if we can find a bespoke, cost-saving solution for you.


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