How do bespoke process services work and why should my law firm use them?

In my role as client manager for Global BPO I’m often asked to explain to prospective clients how our bespoke process services can work for them. Understandably, if a law firm has never used such services before, they often have lots of questions. I therefore thought I would share with you some common queries and answers.

Which process services do you offer?

Global BPO offers a wide range of bespoke legal and business process services such as document review for litigation, due diligence and data subject access requests.  We also provide risk and compliance, document checking / legal proof-reading, paralegal support, court bundle preparation, document production, document formatting and amendments, legal precedent / knowledge management, research / analysis and secretarial support. 

Sometimes clients come to us with a new specific pressure point and we design and implement a service from scratch.

How are your services “bespoke”?

Our services are always tailored according to individual client need – we do not provide a “one size fits all” solution. We work hand in hand with our clients to identify and meet their needs. Constant and open communication between our teams and the client is key.

Which of your services are particularly relevant for law firms?

We’re seeing significant growth at the moment across a number of services such as document review, specifically eDisclosure in the context of litigation and DSAR review assistance.  Other services which are experiencing high levels of uptake include risk and compliance, document production and court bundle preparation.

How do you deliver eDiscovery for law firms?

Document review for any disclosure process will vary in scale and complexity and our review teams have the requisite skills and experience for all types of legal projects.   The stage of the litigation will determine which level of review is required. For example, an initial first level review might involve establishing relevance to the dispute and identifying legally privileged documents.  More complex reviews often require more senior teams to “tag” documents against certain issues and sub-issues, for example, within a certain date range. We are always careful to ensure that the appropriate level of expertise is provided for the task in hand. We have the flexibility to expand our teams at short-notice should things change quickly – as they can in litigation.

How can you deliver a high-quality process and significant cost savings?

We employ specialist teams of paralegals, legal executives and qualified lawyers who work within our ISO/IEC 27001 certified environment in South Africa. Given this geographic base, we are able to offer significant cost savings to law firms and litigants

Our review teams work hand in hand with the client law firm who has conduct of the case. We follow our client’s instructions regarding timeframe, review strategy and overall scope.  To deliver these, we use specialist Project Managers who work in partnership with the law firm to oversee all operational aspects of the project including initial case and subsequent briefings, quality assurance and regular client updates. We provide a detailed progress report, including review statistics, to the client at the end of each day (or as required). Experience shows that this type of collaborative approach works well to ensure projects run smoothly.   


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