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At Global BPO we’ve been supporting our law firm clients for years with all types of eDisclosure projects.  There are numerous reasons topartner with a firm like ours and we’re delighted to be able to share some recent success stories. Given the nature of our work, our clients understandably do not normally want publicity but, even without naming names, we’re pleased to be able to share these wonderful case studies which perfectly illustrate the benefits of working with us. Don’t just take our word for it….

Case study 1

We recently assisted with a large (325,000 documents) pre-litigation review process for a group action claim in the UK. The law firm client did not have the in-house resources to deal with such a large review. Our team was required to link specific documents to one or more key themes, whilst removing irrelevant material. There were 12 issue categories relating to the claim so it was complex. Using best-fit technology, we were able to deliver the project for a happy client, who commented, “Well done with the review, this was a great effort from the Global BPO team.

Case study 2

A few months ago, we worked with a team of lawyers and counsel at a leading Australian law firm together with a Big 4 accounting firm, who hosted the data, to reduce the initial document set of around 10 million documents to around 500,000 for manual review over an 11-month period.

This was a complex discovery project requiring the pre-litigation review of the document set, including the identification of 14 issue categories as well as privilege, confidentiality, and personal information for redaction. Various sub-categories were also required. This was a technology assisted review with machine learning utilised.

The client felt that our reviewers had, “… good engagement with … the documents, [and] they took ownership of the project”. It continued, “We are pleased with the review which met the expected review rates and quality.  We will definitely utilise Global BPO for any further reviews on the matter.

Case study 3

We also recently worked with a global law firm on a complex eDiscovery project involving around 60,000 documents and some challenging, court-imposed deadlines. The firm didn’t have the resources to manage this internally and wanted to reduce the cost for their client. The review required documents to be sorted into 10 issues and several sub-issues so required a highly experienced team. We provided a team of 10 qualified lawyers, a project director and three quality controllers. They were up and running within two weeks of the initial enquiry. The entire project was completed within two months, well within the court deadline.

The client was particularly pleased with our team’s responsiveness, standard of service, cultural alignment and team integration. Savings in excess of 50 % were passed directly from the law firm to their client, resulting in new business opportunities (and no doubt significantly enhancing the relationship for the future).


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