• We optimise efficiencies and cost savings through a mixture of service delivery from lower cost jurisdictions and access to cutting edge technology 
  • Clients can strengthen their core business and better utilise their existing resources


Claims Handling service include:

  • Tailor made solution best suited to client’s needs 
  • This varies from providing support focused on specific parts of the claims handling process to end to end process handling 
  • This includes but is not limited to early screening of claims, drafting of Letters of Claim/Claim Notification Forms, Client liaison, Quantum Assessment and Instruction of Experts and Counsel (Liability and Quantum)

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LEGAL RESEARCH                   


  • Make significant cost savings
  • We work with you to define your research needs
  • Research output is supplied in the format and timescales you require
  • Chargeability can be improved as staff that would normally be occupied with labour-intensive research work, can be diverted to fee earning activities 
  • Projects can often be turned-around much more quickly using our services than by retaining traditional research models


Legal Research services include, but are not limited to:

  • Case law research
  • Statutory Law Research
  • Legislative history research
  • Litigation/database research

DOCUMENT REVIEW                                                   


  • Cost of reviews can be significantly reduced with in-house staff and counsel freed-up to focus on higher-value, strategic issues
  • By using a Global Review solution, you can optimise the performance of your Due Diligence capabilities, for example, allowing you to grow your market share in this area

We provide structured teams to support your own review resources, work in partnership with counsel, or provide a complete outsourced supply solution. We do not just replace your existing operation, but advise you on current best-practice, structuring our solution to deliver any required process and quality improvements, thereby delivering a product that achieves your immediate objectives but also leaves a learning and process ‘legacy’ within your own team.

Document Review services include:

  • Disclosure services, including e-discovery and Document Review Management (collation, sorting, pagination, Abstract Reports)
  • Due Diligence review




  • Avoid mistakes and a heightened risk profile through         labour-intensive projects
  • Free up capacity for higher-value work 
  • Retain a core, lean, in-house contract management capability for the quiet times
  • Permanent support of a backed-up team available for increased workload
  • Cutting edge in-house technology (docfusion), adaptable and able to work with a variety of technological solutions


Contract Review services include:

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Contract management
  • Contract management advisory



  • Special projects team allocated to client
  • Undertakes strategic and operational development projects
  • Offered to both law firms and in-house counsel
  • Offering impartial views of how your business really functions today and how it might function tomorrow


Special project examples include:

  • Claims management (e.g. Clinical negligence, Personal injury)
  • Conveyancing and Property
  • Compliance
  • Due Diligence


SHIPPING AND INSURANCE                                                                                          

We offer tailor made, specialist support for the shipping and insurance sectors. Our shipping and insurance specialist lawyers and support personnel provide a wide range of support services.






FURTHER AND SECTOR SPECIFIC SUPPORT                                                                 

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