'The Challenge'

One top 100 London-based law firm took a close look at how they could improve the delivery of secretarial services while simultaneously improving the cost-efficacy of their support function. Could support staff be freed-up from mundane administrative tasks, such as transcription and document production and up-skilled to do more valuable work? 

With improvement of client service at the heart of their operation and city centre office space at a costly premium, it was vital to improve the quality of service as far as possible and yet make the operation as efficient as possible. How could a Global BPO outsourcing solution help?

‘Our Solution’

Working to a brief from the client’s HR, IT and Secretarial department managers, we recruited and trained a team of 6 full-time global staff. This team then received web-based system training on all client specific systems and procedures and were given access to the client’s secure IT environment so that they could work remotely from our state-of-the-art offices in Cape Town. This set-up was managed by our London team acting as a single-point-of-contact, ensuring smooth implementation according to agreed timelines.

‘The Value to the Client’

The cost of employing high quality staff in Cape Town is 30-50% less than in the UK. As our staff work a full 8 hours per day this client now benefits from 5 hours additional resource per staff member per week – across 6 staff members that is 30 hours per week.

Our ability to put a team together quickly and manage the set up smoothly provided critical support during a period of change within the administrative functions of the merging firms. No time was wasted sourcing staff, finding desk space, or paying a premium for local resources. 


Our client now has a cost-effective, high quality, reliable support system in place.

The value of the service is regularly measured against mutually agreed quality service levels and a high percentage utilisation to ensure consistency and client satisfaction. This has reduced the volume of document production that needs to be carried out at our client's offices and has freed up their London based secretarial staff to carry out other tasks and in turn improved service delivery to their own clients. In fact this client is so happy with our support that fee earners started to send work directly to Cape Town within only a few weeks.

"Thank you for all your hard work and the excellent service that we have had from you.All is still proceeding very well with the outsourced service."

Managing Partner



'The Challenge'

A London law firm was interested to see how working with us in South Africa might be able to support some challenging strategic objectives they had set. As is the case with a lot of law firms at the moment, following a review of overheads, they were keen to reduce the cost of their in-house secretarial support function while ensuring it continued to deliver the best possible service to their case handlers and clients. The firm had already decided to reduce London headcount so that the maximum number of high-cost city centre desks were allocated to case handlers. The question became, would Global be able to join forces seamlessly with the remaining in-house support team and provide high-quality work at a significantly lower cost?


‘Our Solution’

We assigned an account manager in the UK to work directly with the client's HR manager and oversee the set up. This phase took a few weeks and involved agreeing a simple workflow process for each task to be outsourced to Global. Web-based training was organised for a team of our staff on all client specific systems and procedures and our IT manager in Cape Town worked with the client's own IT provider to enable the Global staff to work within the client's secure IT environment remotely, while maintaining maximum data security. We also supported the HR manager with best practice suggestions around efficient procedures when outsourcing this type of work and how to communicate the introduction of our staff and their role without causing further uncertainty.

'The Value to the Client'

Employing staff in Cape Town saves this client around 50% on the cost of employing the same level of staff in London. We were able to support this firm at a challenging time and have met objectives so far by providing an efficient high-quality and reliable service from the start. This is demonstrated by the case handlers’ satisfaction with our ability to meet turnaround times, alongside the quality of communication and work returned. This confidence in our service has meant that we took on additional one-off data entry projects to 


help set up contacts databases for a recent office move in Europe and a new office set up in Latin America. In addition to case handler satisfaction, our client's London based secretarial staff now spend less time on tasks such as data entry and long dictations. They have more time to carry out higher-value tasks which has improved their job satisfaction, given them time to develop their roles, and enhanced the level of in-house service provided to case handlers.


“The case handlers have responded very well to the change in working practices and have been very receptive to working with Global. This is in no small part due to the ease with which Global have integrated into the team and the high quality work and quick turnaround that they can provide. Due to the working hours in South Africa we have also been able to extend the hours that secretarial support is available to our case handlers. The implementation of Global has integrated so well with the secretarial team that our next step is to allow access to the billing systems and to train the Global team on the company’s invoicing procedures.”

HR Director



Luis Casaleiro, CEO of the e4 Group of companies, first joined Global BPO in September 2014 and as director, following e4’s purchase of a 51% stake in Global BPO. 

Luis is a driven professional whose mission it is to help refine and shape the strategic direction of the company.


His responsibilities include monitoring the overall performance of leadership and making sure all  divisions of the business, including finance and risk management, are aligned and robust.

His wealth of experience, knowledge of the market and passion for service excellence and product superiority make him a highly valued asset to the business.


CEO, Jan Scholtz, is a co-founding member of the business and is directly involved in several key areas of the South African operation, from policy development and enforcement to HR management and strategic direction.

Together with his fellow professionals, Jan founded the company (as Global Secretarial) in 2000, initially focusing on legal transcription work. Being a company owned and managed by UK qualified solicitors, it was a natural progression to offer legal process outsourcing  solutions to professionals.


Jan’s value to the company is directly attributed to his status as a dual qualified lawyer (South Africa and England) and his work on class action litigation such as the Lloyd’s v Jaffray piece and other commercial cases in the UK.

His insight into the challenges of IT system rollout and solution development has equipped Jan with invaluable knowledge, which, together with a passion for information and truth, has helped facilitate the integration of information security systems and relevant accreditation.

Jan looks forward to engaging current and emerging markets as Global BPO deepens its international footprint.


Nik is a director of Global BPO and is primarily responsible for high-level business development.

He contributes to the strategic planning of the business, playing a key role in helping Global BPO enhance its track record and consolidate its customer base.

Nik joined the company in 2014 and brought with him 13 years of experience 


in the legal and banking software market.

His influence on the direction of Global BPO is reinforced by his co-position as a non-executive director of e4 International, a majority stakeholder in Global BPO.

This seasoned entrepreneur is passionate about engaging new markets and providing new and innovative technology solutions to BPO Global’s clients.


Global BPO Director and founding member David Wartski is responsible for the company’s business in the UK market.

A seasoned legal professional (Admitted Attorney in South Africa, Admitted Solicitor in England and Wales), David specialises in maritime law and is also a director of Mays Brown.

Like his colleagues at Global BPO David is passionate about technology and 


solutions that make a difference to business operations and enhance capability.

He has a special connection to South Africa and this, together with his expertise, makes him a valuable asset to the company.

Growth is top of his agenda and, together with his team, the strategy is to build organically and continue to add value to an expanding customer base.