'The Challenge' To Improve Margin and Manage Costs More Effectively

A London law firm was interested to see how working with us in South Africa might be able to support some challenging strategic objectives they had set. As is the case with a lot of law firms at the moment, following a review of overheads, they were keen to reduce the cost of their in-house secretarial support function whilst ensuring it continued to deliver the best possible service to their case handlers and clients. The firm had already decided to reduce London headcount so that as many high-cost city centre desks as possible were allocated to case handlers, so the question was, would Global be able to join forces seamlessly with the remaining in-house support team and provide high-quality work at a significantly lower cost?

‘Our Solution’

We assigned an Account Manager in the UK to work directly with the client's HR Manager and manage the set up. This phase took a few weeks and involved agreeing a simple workflow process for each task to be outsourced to Global. Web-based training was organised for a team of our staff on all client specific systems and procedures and our IT Manager in Cape Town worked with the client's IT provider in the UK to enable the Global staff to work within the client's secure IT environment from our offices in Cape Town to maintain maximum data security. We also supported the HR Manager with best practice suggestions around efficient procedures when outsourcing this type of work and how to communicate the introduction of our staff and their role without causing further uncertainty.

‘The Value to the Client’

Employing staff in Cape Town saves this client around 50% on the cost of employing the same level of staff in London. We were able to support this firm at a challenging time and have met objectives so far by providing an efficient high-quality and reliable service from the start. This is demonstrated by the case handlers satisfaction with our ability to meet turnaround times, alongside the quality of communication and work returned. This confidence in our service has meant that we took on additional one-off data entry projects to help set up contacts databases for a recent office move in Europe and a new office set up in Latin America. In addition to case handler satisfaction, our client's London based secretarial staff now spend less time on tasks such as data entry and long dictations. They have more time to carry out higher-value tasks which has improved their job satisfaction, given them time to develop their roles, and enhanced the level of in-house service provided to case handlers.